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“Lydia is as described in her ad. A very pleasant GFE. In fact a very fine non-pro experience. Moreover, she's naturally pretty(GND) with a knockout body.”


“I had been eyeing Lydia for some time as I love tall women. Finally found myself in Vancouver with some free time so I called her to book. Phone conversation was nice and easy and she was on her way to my hotel downtown. Opened the door, and wow, she was tall and in heels per my request. Gorgeous girl, I knew I was in for a treat... Highly recommend, and VIPs please read on….”


"A year or so ago I took the plunge and after reading a ton of reviews decided Lydia noire 7530 would be my first. Had a great time, gorgeous girl, great conversation, just my type. BJ, GFE all I could ask for. Great start. Think 240 at the time. Rates have understandably gone up. Repeat, would but time, choices and and higher rates kept me from it."

“She is tall, slender and athletic. In fact she is very attractive in her appearance and her sultry movements. Her incall is her home and it is a very personal space with all of her belongings. She had on display a variety of whips, lashes and paddles. She also had drawers full of toys and devices. She asked if I had any fantasies that I wanted fulfilled and she was certainly equipped to provide. I did not take advantage of the full range of her skills which I assume are large and varied considering the vast collection of apparatuses. I only took part in daty and multiple fs positions. She will be my regular for a while because the potential for depth of experience.”


“I can give firsthand testimony as to the excellence of her feet. Gorgeous, like the rest of her.”

“Set up an appointment through text. She tends not to be a same day type provider and it could take a bit of time between initial text and response. Though I've been fortunate enough to have been able to book time with her within the space of a couple of hours. She's has an incall in west Vancouver not too far away from the downtown core.


Arrived to find a tall beautiful brunette. She greets me with a smile, a hug and a kiss. She offers me a shower, and with a quick peck I head off to freshen up. When I come out of the bathroom I find her waiting for me by the bed, with her dress already taken off. I usually request that she wears stockings and heels and she kindly indulges me every time. She stands, towering over me in her heels, drapes her arms around me, we kiss and as I run my hands across her body. At this height difference I can easily kiss her neck and squeeze her tight bum without effort.

I ask her to sit down on side of the bed as we come to my favourite part of being with her. I kneel down between those wonderfully long lean legs of hers and kiss, nibble, and slip her stockings off. It takes a bit of time. The difference in height isn't nearly as noticeable now and our kisses become more passionate. I pull her closer so I can feel her pressed against me. I quickly unhook her bra and pulling away ever so slightly. I place it next to her stockings. I pull her close again, and I run my hands down her back and tug ever so slightly at her panties. She raises her bum reflexively and I remove the last thing that separates us. She smiles at me and scoots back further on to the bed so I can take her completely in.

Modelesque is the perfect way to describe her. If she wasn't discovered by a modelling house before, it's simply a matter of inevitability. Everything about her is tall and lean and strong. Her photos do not lie, and do not do her justice. I don't believe there's a history of dance or gymnastics, she's not nearly that flexible, but she has a poise and grace of movement that that speaks of some former athletic history. She has a lovely face with delicate features which is highlighted with very minimal make up. There is a youthfulness to her features that contradicts the maturity of her body. Especially in her eyes. Not bedroom eyes like a young Lauran Bacall, more of a Ava Gardner if we were to use the film noir metaphor in her name. She has a number of... intimate piercings which I was initially surprised to discover. They made for an interesting dining experience but didn't interfere with my experience with her.

As for our intimate time together I will say that she is a responsive and courteous lover. She appreciates and reciprocates attention. My memory of her kneeling face down stretched out in front of me, with her back tensed and arms outstretched to push back against the wall still makes me a little giddy with excitement.

Afterwards, she cuddles close which I love. It's one of those things that really separate provider experiences for me. For the first time since we met, she has to look up to kiss me. We chat a bit and though clearly an artistic soul, there is a maturity there. I don't know how long she will be available for, though if this is her now, I can only look with envy what experiences with her in the future would be like.”

"Definitely a must for guys with kinky tastes..."


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