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Domination & Fetish


Experienced in the art of domination, I command control and respect at all times. I am a Goddess, and you will be under my spell with my power, skill, and beauty. Practicing this on a professional and lifestyle level since 2010, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge in a variety of fetishes with teachers and partners.

My scenes are always safe, sane, and consensual with a safe word. Respecting your hard limits and boundaries, I routinely check in with you. Cleanliness of toys and equipment and safer practices are policies I live by.

You can trust me to confess your secret desires free from judgement. It is natural to have these interests so don't be ashamed. I want to hear your fantasies and devise a method so they can become realized.

I am not a cold cruel Goddess, I'm more of a sensual and loving kind. Once we trust each other I want to take you to places you have never been before, testing your limits. My sessions are never scripted, each time is personalized to your interests and my mood. Improvisation allows my creativity and freedom in spontaneity.

After our session you will be buzzing with a natural high for days.

Under my strict direction I allow you to massage, caress, and taste my strong statuesque body.
Goddess worship, foot worship, armpit worship, buttocks worship, muscle worship, heels and boot worship.

You want Goddess so badly. If you behave and follow my instructions perhaps you will be rewarded.
Tease and denial, chastity, orgasm denial, cuckhold, watching Goddess pleasure herself, getting to pleasure Goddess, release.

Sensation Play
Often a relaxing warm-up to the main part of the scene, you will be pleasantly surprised, and anticipating whats next.
Vampire claws, feathers, hot(heating pad, eye mask, shower/bath)/cold(icecube), pinwheel, blindfold, electrical stimulation, acupressure, aromatherapy, music, ear plugs.

Do exactly as I say or else I will devise a harsher punishment, you disgust me!
Verbal humiliation, crawling on hands and knees, collar and lead, spitting, watersports, urine drinking, face slapping, boot cleaning,eating disliked food, human furniture, pony ride, writing profanities on face, ball gags.

Pain Therapy
Perhaps you are wanting something more punishing? Under my nurturing supervision I will guide you into a cathartic sub space.
Nipple play (clamps), spanking (otk), paddling, flogging, caning, ballbusting, ball kicking, hair pulling, bastinado.


Buttocks Play
You crave that feeling of being stretched and filled up inside by Goddess, the satisfaction and pleasure of taking more each time.
Strap on play, vibrating plugs and dildos, g spot massage, electrical stimulation plug and dildo, ginger figging.


Rope bondage, leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Saran wrap mummification scenes upon request.

I have a expansive and tactile wardrobe for my fellow fashion aficionados to enjoy with me.
High end masks, latex outfits, leather outfits, extreme high heels, corsets, costumes, lingerie, stockings. You are welcome to make a request.

Life Coaching
Give you tasks to complete outside of the time we spend together, which can make my life easier and molds you to become a better person to serve Me.

Perhaps there is another part of yourself you wish to explore? You can feel comfortable exploring your feminine side with me. I will help you with your posture, voice, dressing and makeup.
And then bend you over and do you like the sissy girl that you are! I have wigs, dresses, lingerie, nylons and makeup for you to wear. If you fit around a 10 heels I have those as well.


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