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Happy Holidays! and updates for December.

From December 19th until January 2nd I will not be answering my phone, texts, or emails. During this time I will be taking a break to be with my family, and work on some handmade art projects as their gifts for the holidays.

That doesn't mean I will be taking a break from kink however, oh no. I could not imagine my life without celebrating many of my perverse fantasies, in one way or another. In the meantime, I have a busy photo shoot schedule, which means I'll be doing around 10 new shoots, in varying degrees of creativity and kinkiness. And, maaaybe even have playtime with a friend, no expectations yet, but that could be fun.

Obviously I need to keep myself occupied during this pandemic in one way or another. So if I can't see people anymore face to face, I will now have another outlet for my sexuality through photography... might as well put my fine arts education to use while I'm at it!

I still have not decided if my new content will be for purchase through my website, or through OnlyFans. At the moment I am going through the application process with OnlyFans, I've sent them everything they need so far and now waiting. Finding a decent payment processor for my website as a sex worker certainly has it's challenges, I wish it was simple but it isn't. I am also considering getting a P.O. box at the post office, in case anyone would like to send me gifts or tips in the mail. Then I'd have a return address to send out worn panties for you panty sniffers out there.

A better built website, and (I hope) new OnlyFans account is on the way. Please bookmark my website, or write it down in a discreet place so you can come check it out later. Also, I uploaded some newer photos in my gallery if you haven't seen those already.

Happy Holidays! Behave yourself, and be well.

-Lydia Noire


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